Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Hands Are Full...

It seems that every time I go out with all three of my boys, I inevitably get this comment from whoever perchances to chat with me, "You must have your hands full!" Today when I picked up the cake for the recital at Costco (long story as to why I had all three with me) no less than 3 people made that comment. I would say it is THE most commented phrase since we had the twins. To all the other twin moms out there, perhaps you can enlighten me as to your responses. My mother-in-law said to say, "Do I? Would you like to help?" I like that one, I could use some help!

So a quick run down of this busy weekend for you all. David and I ventured into the "once a month cooking" method and had what my Mom aptly named the "cook off" on Saturday. We had been stockpiling food for this cooking event for a while now and the result was we now have 14 meals in the freezer (make that 13 because we had one today) for future dinners. I did the last of the shopping for it on Friday night and as I was standing in a super long line at Walmart I remembered that grocery shopping in the after work hours was probably not the best choice. Whoops! Well, that was when I was able to do it, so "se la vi" (or however you spell that little phrase). We started around 10am with the cooking/assembling of meals and didn't officially finish until 6pm. It was supposed to only take 5 hours according to the book, so we added three hours to their little estimate. I am guessing that taking care of three kids didn't factor into the cooking time?

Following the cook-off, David went to get some supplies for the treats we needed to bring for our class at church the following day. I had inadvertently signed up for June 8th, not remembering that I had my recital planned for that day. Another whoops! Sooo...that meant David and I whipped out our mad baking skills and made two batches of cookies. He made some peanut butter chocolate chip and I made regular chocolate chip for those with peanut allergies. Ugh! Did I say that this weekend required much patience yet?

David came home with the cookie supplies, but had forgotten to make copies of my program for the recital. So after he got home, he set out again to do that (before Office Depot closed at 9pm). Josiah had gone with him on the cookie supply run and ran out the door to go with him on the copy run. I was feeding babies at the time and didn't run out after him immediately, but when I heard the car pulling out I went out and poor Josiah was crying, "I want go with Dada!" David had mercy on our sweet pumpkinhead and said he could go. Josiah ran to the car with glee and went with Dada.

After I fed the boys, I made myself some dinner and was chatting with a friend when David called on the cell. He informed me that the car had died (he thinks it has something to do with the battery again, please pray as he is going to call them tomorrow to see about getting it fixed) and that he needed me to come and pick him up at the Costco parking lot. I packed up my dinner and the boys and headed out to meet them as I had to get my copies made still (he had stopped off at Costco for gas prior to the copy making). The gas station was closing when I got there and the gas attendant and David had to push the car out of the gassing up area into the adjacent parking lot. Josiah and David waiting for the tow truck (VERY popular for Josiah) and I went and made my copies with the boys in the double stroller. Afterward, I picked up the big boys at Les Schwab and we came home. David made his batch of cookies while I did another feeding for the boys and I also put Josiah down for the night. Then I made my batch of cookies and cleaned up. So much for sleeping a lot the night before my recital. Oh well!

Needless to say, the day was very full. The good news is all that effort was not wasted as we have lots of dinners for future days and that feels really good. And in conclusion I would like to say that though my hands ARE full, I am loving it!

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