Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Little Lamb-ee-kins

Perhaps if the Daniel of the Bible dressed in this way, he wouldn't have been so lucky in the lion's den? Ha ha! I came in the other day to feed our little Daniel and found him in this state all cozily wrapped in his blankie. Please note the little fingers that are sticking out through the holes in the blankie (classic Daniel behavior). I actually knitted this blanket for Josiah, but since these dudes were born in December, I have found that they have used it more often. Anyway, it was too cute and the minute I saw him I knew that it was a moment to capture on film.

I thought I would add this photo also as it is the only one in months in which they look almost identical (though we are still convinced they are fraternal). I can still see the obvious differences, but they have a very similar expression and the same outfits that contribute to the look of sameness I think. Our babes are 6 months now and soon will be going to their neonatal follow-up visit, where we will get to meet with a bunch of specialists to talk about their development (since they were born premature). Then on the 24th of this month they will have their official 6 month check up with our pediatrician. We had to delay the visit a bit because Daniel had his 4 month shots so late due to him being sick every time we had them scheduled.

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Mary Janelle said...

Hi Heather! Your boys are precious! Just wanted to respond to your comment about the sleep charts -- truly, it takes me no time at all. I use and just make one mouse click when I put them down or when they wake up. It's super easy and very helpful as their schedules and needs change. Are you all healthy these days? Seems like a zillion colds have come through your house.