Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mama FTW!!!

I have been trying to get the boys used to sleeping flat in the crib as opposed to sleeping in their car seats and it appears I have been successful at transitioning them without too much effort! Perhaps I am speaking too soon, however, they both slept that way for all their naps today and are currently sleeping that way as I type tonight. So far so good and they aren't waking up thus far. Caleb is so funny though. I have found that already he has a particular spot in the crib that he wants to sleep. It is right up next to the keyboard you see pictured here. Apparently, he is going to be my piano player? Anyway, I think it has more to do with the security of having something close by on one side perhaps. Anyway, it is funny because he scoots and rolls sideways (not a full roll yet) to get over as far as he wants and then he is as content as can be.
Oh and by the way, for those of you unfamiliar with my acronym in the title of this post it means "Mama For the Win!" This is a term I picked up from my online gaming hubby.

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