Monday, September 29, 2008

Carpenter Family Photo

Believe it or not folks, but this is the only entire family shot we have had since we left the hospital with the twins! We have had numerous shots with me and the boys and shots with David holding one or the other of them, but none all together. My handsome hubby is camera shy, though I can't see why!! I am the one that looks horrible in this shot, but I will sacrifice my vanity for "the team" this time. Ha ha ha! We went out to dinner the other day with my parents and some family friends from way back, Jeannie & Alan Lish. Our families used to go camping together a lot in the summer times and we all met originally at one of my Dad's churches when he served in Arlington. Anyway, it was nice to visit with them again and Jeannie had her camera and snapped this shot before Josiah decided to do his own thing again!

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