Thursday, September 04, 2008

More Josiah-ism's

Yesterday at the gym, I put the boys in the child care room and was leaving and this was the conversation:

Josiah: Bye Mommy, I love you Mommy, (then something unintelligible)
Mommy: What sweetheart?
Josiah: Be a nice Mommy, Mommy!
Mommy: OK, I will! (smiling as I leave and chuckling to myself)

And this morning, Josiah was eating his cereal. First he didn't want cereal as he was grumpy from just waking up. As I was pouring my cereal, I said one last time, "Do you want any Cheerios?" and he defiantly said, "NO!" So I proceeded to bring the Cheerios back to the pantry. When I was making my way back, he says, "I want Cheerios." UGH...back to the pantry. He usually then likes to pick out his spoon and so I said, "Do you want to get the spoon?" (which he calls a "poon" still incidentally) and he said, "I want my Nemo poon." I told him that was dirty and he needed to pick another one. He went for the bigger serving spoons and I said he needed to pick a smaller one. He wouldn't right away, so I grabbed one and headed with the bowls to the table. He followed me and when he got there he swiped the bowl and ran back in the kitchen saying something unintelligible. I quickly joined him in the kitchen so as to hopefully catch the bowl from getting spilled onto the floor. I then said, "What is the problem?" and he replied, "I wanted to bring the poon!" and he pulled the spoon out of the bowl prepared to bring it back to the table. I again brought the bowl back to the table. He sat down and finally ate his Cheerios. Then at the end he proceeded to instruct me on how to drink the milk from the bowl. He said, "See Mommy you go like this (gulp, gulp, gulp) and there's no mess, seee? That's how you do it properly! Now YOU do it Momma!" I had to laugh at the "that's how you do it properly" bit as that was a first for him saying that! I informed him that I wasn't interested in drinking the milk from my bowl at that point and he moved on to something else. This goes to show though how regimented he is about things, he loves routines and doing things a certain way or he gets rather frustrated. This is a good thing at times, but it can also be a really annoying thing also!

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Mary Janelle said...

the gym! I'm impressed and a little jealous. Good for you!