Thursday, September 18, 2008


Thanks for all the prayers! Josiah is MUCH better today! No fever and he is back to his normal active self. I moved his mattress into my room last night so I could monitor him and he only woke up one time around 1am when I was emptying the air conditioner dealy (it accumulates water and stops when it is full and wakes me up). When I was taking it to the bathroom to empty it, Josiah said, "What's that?" and I told him and then he said, "You need to go to sleep Mama!" I didn't argue! Then I woke a little before the babies awoke and snuck out to feed them. He woke up an hour later and came out of the room and then pronounced again, "You need to sleep Mama!" and since the babies were put down again, I once again did not argue. However, this time his version of sleep was to talk my ear off (a good sign he is well) and said things like "I love you Mama, you're my best friend. I give you a hug and kiss now." And then he proceeded to romp all over the bed and eventually fell off the bed and bonked his head on the floor. After that we got up and started our official day together!

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