Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fair Pictures

This was the first time Josiah has ever been on fair rides and he was loving it! We first went down the big, big slide together, but of course as I was riding with him, we didn't get a picture of that one!

And as per tradition, we had to get a picture of our Pumpkinhead near a pumpkin at the fair! We didn't go last year though because I was pregnant with the twins and walking around and being on my feet were two things I couldn't do very well then.

This was the first ride after the slide that he rode on. He was very adamant that he ride in the yellow dump truck! His expressions coming round and round were just precious! Too bad the REAL camera wasn't working (batteries were dead....again) or I might have gotten a few more shots of this ride.

Here he is on the fire truck ride. He made friends with a kid and his Dad and rode on 3 different rides with them. It was pretty cute!

Here we are at the beginning of our fair excursion. We met a bunch of Josiah's preschool classmates and walked around with them for the first little bit seeing all the animals and such. After that we ventured off for a few rides and then had the oh so good, but outrageously expensive food, and then came back home. It was a face paced excursion with lots crammed in, but something to remember for sure. I am glad that he was well today and had energy to burn!

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