Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Well it is official that we have an army crawlin' Caleb on our hands. David and I knew that it wouldn't be long until our "I'm Definitely Up to Something" (see shirt above) kid figured out how to motate around! He has managed to get up on his knees occasionally too, but then flops back into the army crawl pose for moving. He is able to scout out wherever he wants to go and does a combination of pivots, rolls and army crawls to get there. Three times today we moved him away from my computer chair wheel and three times he made his way back as apparently the wheel looked tasty! Daniel does roll a lot more often now, but usually he rolls to his stomach and does this pilates swimming move where all his limbs are flailing and his neck is raised up. It is funny! Sometimes he manages to roll back to his back when he gets mad enough and figures he should move his arm out of the way, but mostly he just gets stuck and hollers for Momma.

As a side note, Daniel seems to have another cold now again and I have a little scratchy throat at the moment and did have a sinus headache earlier today. It appears that our good luck and health has run out for the time being and we are back to the sick mode again. Please pray that it is a short run and that I don't get full blown sick myself as it just makes things miserable for everyone around here when I am down. When Momma aint happy...nobodies happy! I am sure David can shout an "Amen!" to that one. Ha ha ha! Anyway, thanks for your prayers...people always ask me, "How do you do it all?" And the answer when I am sick is, "I don't do much of anything well..." I am sure we can all relate.

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