Monday, September 29, 2008

Troubles in 3-year-old Land...

Well all, it has been a rough couple of weeks and I'm sorry I haven't posted (for those that actually check this often that is). :) Without going into too much detail, we have had some difficulties with Josiah of late with his behavior. We have been given MUCH advice and we have tried MANY approaches to correcting his latest antics, but it has been hit or miss in most cases. I think I have nailed down at least WHY he has been acting up and so hopefully from there we can address the problem appropriately. Lots of prayer can be thrown our way though as it has been a stressful time trying to solve this problem. I told a lady at the church the other day that Josiah was such an easy baby that perhaps now I am getting my share of troubles. I remember when other mother's used to complain about their baby crying all night, colicky, or what have you or even crying forever when left with babysitters and nursery workers and I never had those problems. Now we have a different set of problems, but probabaly just as much headache as the typical baby woes. Needless to say we are learning a lot and hopefully it will help with the 3 year olds up who are up and coming!

One quick funny quote from Josiah. He was in a kissing mood the other day and was kissing his brothers and me "mmmm----AH" (that kind). At one point, he kissed his hand and then said, "I kissed my hand...that's called loving!" He is our sweet little boy, however wayward he is at the moment!


Jee said...

You mentioned that you think you know why he is acting up -- do you mind sharing?

Heather said...

No I do not mind sharing, I just didn't post the whole story as it would have taken too long to explain and I figured my "blog audience" wasn't too interested in all the various things we have tried and failed at. Anyway, I think the root cause is that he was missing me and thought that by hitting people that he would get me to come and get him. This comes from I think his behavior at home...when he bothers his brothers he gets a strong response from me. That and also, I really don't think he is ready for all the structure yet either...he is very active and doesn't seem to do well at sitting still when there are toys to play with and things to do. That is the gist. I can tell you more on the phone someday if you would like.