Saturday, September 13, 2008

Twin Play Time

We have been putting the boys on the ground more here recently to get them to work on their rolling/crawling skills and as previously mentioned in the last post, Caleb is the stronger crawler of the two thus far. Daniel wants to crawl I think, but just doesn't have the skill for it yet. He has been sedate for a little too long and just has to develop his muscles a bit. We are motivating him though by putting toys on the floor that he wants and he desparately tries to get them doing his "swim" move that I previously described.

We have also found that they notice each other a lot more than they ever have as they play on the floor together and they grab at each other's faces and feet and whatever else is in grabbing proximity.

This is a funny face that I saw Caleb make the other day. He kept doing it too, so I got a good picture of him with his upper lip covering his lower lip.


Lynne' said...

oooh cute face! Renna does that, but she humms while doing that (instead of crying she'll hum at me.) It's too bad we don't live closer to each other now that our kids are old enough to play together. Lily and Josiah could play with cars together and Renna could watch the twins crawl and try to keep up with them!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the boys look so much like one another than in the photo where they are facing each other. There it is - the twin-ness!