Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun New Pictures

Our little ones are doing better at sitting up now, though I put the pillow behind them in case there is a sudden movement that sends them backwards. Caleb is typical of moving really quickly and falling over from a sitting position. I am convinced also that his bottom teeth are ready to come in too as he just can't seem to get enough toys to chew on. One day, he emptied out the bin you see pictured here and "tasted" every toy and discarded it to the side. He had no less than 15 toys he had tasted just sitting around him in a big pile.

We went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa last night before attending a service for our church at the new site that they are planting. We unfortunately arrived late to the service due to the fact that I got stuck in fair traffic on 512...ugh. Oh well, it was fun to go out and the grandparents had a great time visiting with all their grandkiddos.

Here is Grandpa feeding Caleb his food. Both boys are taking their solid food portions more readily now and I am making more of a habit of being sure to feed them solid food. It is so hard to get in the habit of that I have found. Perhaps that is because I have two of them to feed? Not sure, but now that they seem to like it more, it is easier to do!

Here is a nice shot of Caleb boy sitting up outside. He loves to be outside exploring the grass and such! I think Daddy will finally have a good hiking partner in this one! Josiah would be a good hiker too I think, but certainly Caleb has shown his love for the outdoors even this early in life!

Here is Daniel boy sitting up. I have found that he sits up for longer than Caleb without falling, and I think it is due to the fact that he is a little stockier and also that he doesn't flail about as much as Caleb does. I saw many times today when he would correct himself as he was going too far in a certain direction and would continue to sit up. I am excited that they both are doing this now! As a side note, we are all getting better from our colds, but we passed it on to David who is suffering down in Arizona at this conference he is going to for work. He reported to me though that he feels better he thinks because of the dry climate down there. I told him that this could be true as I do much better health-wise when we have lived in Eastern Washington.

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