Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Fair Fun!

We went as a family this year to the fair for a quick trip. Round trip including getting ready to go, getting there and getting home again took us roughly 3 hours, which isn't bad considering it was a fair run! This time we didn't hit the rides for Josiah as it was raining and very wet. We met Grandma and Grandpa there though and had some fair food dinner and scones for dessert. Grandma had been waiting in line for scones for a total of 40 minutes for them and we reaped the benefit of her waiting! Yikes! Most everyone was crammed in the restaurant building to escape the rain, so I suppose other scone stands out in the rain weren't getting as much business, but this one probably raked in all the dough tonight! We asked Josiah what his favorite part of the fair was when we got home and he said, "The ferris wheel," which incidentally we didn't see nor of course ever ride on. Silly Josiah!

Here is Josiah checking out all the Lego displays in the Hobby Hall. We told him later when we were at home that maybe he could build something to put on display and he said, "I would make 14 rocket ships that go fast, fast!" David said, "Would they be faster than you?" And he said, "No they would go fast like this down hallway!" And off he went flying his 14 rocket ships down the hallway.

Here is Grandpa on his scooter that he rented (he needs to stay off his foot for health reasons I won't go into right now). He got a fair poncho to keep the rain off and earlier when it was time to burp Caleb we joked that he had just the right outfit on in case of a spitup accident!

David got Caleb boy to give a sly little smile in this shot. I call this picture "Our Prize Winning Pumpkinheads." We got lots of "You have your hands full" comments (my "favorite" by the way...not) from various passerbys and we also saw a few people we knew as well! David saw a friend he knew from a previous job, my parents saw some people from their church, and we saw some people from our church as well! In fact, we were standing next to the "Extreme Scream" ride (waiting to catch a quick glimpse of my brother Brent and his wife Katie) and when our friend Mark came by he pointed to the babies and said, "I don't think these guys are tall enough for this ride yet!" Soon afterward, there was a loud whissshing sound from the ride and Caleb gave a sample of his own "extreme scream" for those in close proximity to the stroller! That was a "no likey" moment for Mr. Caleb boy! Daniel slept through the whole incident.

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