Thursday, September 04, 2008

Couple More Josiah-isms

These were just too cute not to document, so here goes:

Before Josiah's nap today, he requested I sing "The Crayon Song," and since I am wholly unfamiliar with the tune and words to this number, I asked him to do the honors. His first rendition was as follows: “I like crayons, I draw a picture, give it to Daddy." (A note here that David has made a habit of posting Josiah's creations above his desk at home.) Another version of this song surfaced before going to bed tonight and it went like this, "I like crayons, draw on paper...not on table." You'll never guess who drilled that last little tidbit into his 3-year-old head.

We also read a kid's version of The Prayer of Jabez tonight and at the end, it has four questions for the kiddos to answer. I wasn't expecting him to answer really, but was reading them to see what I might get from him. Here was this little interview:

Mommy: What is the biggest blessing God has given you?

Josiah: My big yellow ball. (Tonight he and Daddy were playing catch and they threw it back and forth and he exclaimed in delight, "It's working!")

Mommy: How can you help someone and make God smile?

Josiah: I make you smile, I say I love you. (Ahhhh, that was sweet! I also suggested that perhaps him helping me clean up that night was helpful and made God smile too.)

Mommy: How does God help you not to be afraid?

Josiah: He sends a 'pecial angel. (This one Daddy gets the credit for as he has told him this many a night when he put him down that a special angel guards over him at night so he doesn't have to be afraid.)

Mommy: What could you do today to obey God?

Josiah: Obey teacher. (Good answer, good answer...also a mantra drilled into his little brain by Momma.)

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