Saturday, September 06, 2008

Josiah's First Baseball Game

This is all of us in our seats. We were positioned on right field and for me it was seemingly really hard to hear all the announcements and music, since we were under the cover this time. It was near impossible to intice Josiah to stay seated, until I bought him some dippin' dots. That gave me a few moments of respite to watch the game. I was the designated Josiah entertainer as David is the bigger baseball fan of the two of us, and I wanted him to be able to catch all of the game. Before the game, we went to the kid's playground (some pictures of that on facebook) and he ran around burning off some of his energy. We returned to the play area a little later too and Josiah had another round of running, climbing, and sliding before I had to drag him away to do something else. Thankfully, it was so loud in the ballpark that his normal chorus of "I don't wanna go" was drowned out by all the noise. He sort of gave up his usual whining due to the fact that I couldn't really hear him and nor could he probably hear himself very well.
This is David and I in front of the kid's play area. There behind my head is the ever-so-photogenic baseball guy fountain.

Josiah had fun trying on Mommy and Daddy's hats and trying various ballpark fare, such as cotton candy, garlic fries (he had a few of David's), and a bite or two of Mommy's Shiskaberry (strawberries on a stick dipped in chocolate...yum!) Someone gave us a bag of peanuts, but he wasn't intersted in eating them...rather he did like crushing the shells though!

I am pretty sure that Josiah was oblivious to the actual game goings-on, but he perked up for all the food and the playground of course and when asked what his favorite part about the game was he said, "The playground!" He didn't fall asleep on the way home, though perhaps we shouldn't be that surprised, since he was so pumped full of sugar and caffeine! However, when he got home, David was able to get him right to sleep while I took Sharel (our babysitter for the twins) home.

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